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Courier Recovery Service

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Article Summary
  • Courier Recovery is the process of contacting Carbonite, working with a Recovery Specialist to retrieve your backup, and receiving a form of media (DVD, external hard drive, etc.) with a copy of your backed up files to your address via mail.
  • This service is available for all Carbonite Pro subscriptions. There is a $175.99 fee per computer.
  • Only Billing Owners are able to access and make Courier Recovery requests.




About Courier Recovery

Courier Recovery is available to the Billing Owner of Carbonite Pro accounts who live in the United States only. When you use Courier Recovery, a Carbonite Recovery Specialist retrieves your backed up files for you and copies them to external media. This media is then shipped to your home address. Only Billing Owners have access to make Courier Recovery requests.

Prior to beginning the Courier Recovery service, customers must confirm the following are true before Carbonite will process a Courier Recovery request:

  • Your backup does not contain financial information, health records, or other confidential and sensitive data that should not be transmitted in an unencrypted format.
  • Your backup does not contain illegal files or data, pursuant to Carbonite's Terms of Use (

Note: This service is for emergency recovery of your computer files and is not intended to be used as an archiving solution. Carbonite reserves the right to deny access to this service. Due to industry regulations, this service is not available to healthcare and financial services companies.



How to Access Courier Recovery Service

You can access the Courier Recovery service through your Carbonite Pro Dashboard.



Log into your account as the Billing Owner at

Log into your account



Once logged in to your account, click Request recovery hard drive within your Dashboard.

Request Courier Recovery

Note: If you do not see this link, please log in as the Billing Owner for the Carbonite Pro account.



In the next page, you will be shown information pertaining to the Courier Recovery service. Call the number listed on the screen to get in touch with a Carbonite Recovery Specialist.

More Information



The Carbonite representative you reach will be able to assist you in completing the setup for your Courier Recovery.

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