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Paid Subscription Expiration

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  • We will remind you to renew your Carbonite subscription prior to expiration in order to continue safekeeping your files. However, if your subscription is not renewed, your backed up files will be removed from our servers within 30 days of your subscription expiration.




How Does Expiration Affect Your Carbonite Backup

Carbonite subscriptions are purchased for a specific time frame from one to thre years. When you approach your expiration date, we will remind you that your subscription will soon expire to alert you that you will have to renew to continue coverage. If you have purchased a subscription and signed up for automatic renewal, then Carbonite will only warn you if we find something wrong with the upcoming renewal.

If you do not renew your paid subscription, our current policy is to keep your data for up to 30 days after the expiration of your paid subscription, allowing you time to change your mind. However, after expiration, your subscription must be renewed if you wish to recover your data. After 30 days, we remove the backed up data associated with your subscription and it will no longer be available for restore. You can view your expiration or renewal date through your account.



To keep your backup A set of copies of your files on our servers.  progressing and your data safe, you can renew your subscription from the Carbonite website.

Log into your account at

Carbonite Website



After you have logged in, you will see a list of your computers and their expiration or renewal dates.

If your computer says Expires on, it is not enrolled in automatic renewal. However, if your computer says Renews automatically on, it will be renewed automatically with the credit card that is on file.

Expiration or Renewal date



If your subscription has expired, you can renew your Carbonite subscription through your account.

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