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Move Carbonite to a Different PC

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  • Carbonite subscriptions are computer-specific, meaning that only one subscription can be used for a single computer at a time.
  • When you move Carbonite to a new computer, your subscription will take on the new computer's name. However, the nickname will remain the same.
  • If Carbonite has a different subscription already protecting the computer, you will need to uninstall it to transfer the backup to a new computer.




How to Move Your Carbonite Subscription

If your computer crashes or if you get a new computer to replace an old one, you can transfer your current subscription to another computer. When you transfer your subscription, you can restore your files that were backed up by Carbonite.

Carbonite can only be transferred to computers with the same platform (e.g. Windows operating systems to Windows operating systems). Currently, you cannot transfer your subscription from a Windows computer to a computer running a Mac operating system.



Log into your account at from the computer you wish to transfer Carbonite to. You will see a list of computers under your account.

Log into your account



To begin the transfer process to another computer, click the Move my Subscription link.

Click Transfer Subscription



You will see a pop up displayed detailing information about transferring your subscription between computers. You will be given a choice on how to complete the transfer:

  • Move my subscription and start a new backup - This option will install Carbonite on your new computer and begin a new backup. Any files that were selected for backup on the old computer and not restored to the new computer will be removed from the backup within 30 days. Please ensure that you select files to be included in your backup once the installation completes.
  • Move my subscription and transfer my files - This option will transfer your Carbonite subscription over to your new computer and take you through the Restore Manager in order to assist you with restoring all of your files back to your computer.

After you have made your selection, click the Continue to Download button to start installing Carbonite.

Accept the transfer



Click the Transfer button and follow the instructions to download Carbonite.

Click Transfer

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