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Removing Backed Up Files from Our Servers

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  • When you remove a file from your backup, Carbonite will stop backing up the file immediately and it will be deleted from Carbonite's servers within 72 hours.
  • You can easily remove a file or folder from your Carbonite backup through the Carbonite Preference pane / Carbonite InfoCenter.




Please Select Your Version

Please select the version of your product you are using to back up your files on your Mac. If you are unsure about your version, please use these instructions to locate the version of the product you are running:



Removing Files through the Carbonite Preference Pane

If you are removing files from the Carbonite Preference Pane, you are running the 1.x version of the Carbonite client. Removing files through the Carbonite Preference pane is the best way to manage the files in your backup. Any files or folders with a green or yellow dot indicates that those files are selected for back up. Files and folders with a red dot indicate that they are not selected for backup.



Click the Apple symbol in the menu bar and select System Preferences to open the System Preferences window.

Apple Menu: System Preferences



Within the System Preferences window, click on the Carbonite icon.

System Preferences Window



You will see the Carbonite Preference pane displayed. Click the Backup tab to view the files on your computer available for back up.

Carbonite Preference Pane

Note: If you do not see the screen below, click on the button entitled Manually Manage My Backup within the Backup tab to view your backed up files.



Locate a backed up file and click the Do not back this up button.

Backup Tab: File is Backed Up



The status dot will change to red, indicating that the file is not backed up with Carbonite. The file will be removed from the Carbonite servers within 72 hours.

Backup Tab: File not Backed Up

Note: These instructions can be used to remove a folder from the backup as well.



Removing Files through the Carbonite InfoCenter

If you are removing files through the Carbonite InfoCenter you are using Carbonite version 2.x. The Carbonite InfoCenter lets you easily remove files from your backup by navigating to them through the client and clicking the Don't back up button.



To open the Carbonite InfoCenter, click the Carbonite Dot icon in the menu bar and select Open Carbonite.

Open the Carbonite InfoCenter



You will see the Carbonite InfoCenter displayed on your screen. Navigate to the file or folder you wish to remove from your backup from within the MY FILES or DRIVES section.

After locating the file, click the Don't back up button to remove it from your backup.

Remove the File from the Backup



The status icon will be removed from the file and it will no longer be selected for backup.

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