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Backing Up Files that are Excluded by Default

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Article Summary
  • Carbonite excludes certain file types from being selected for back up.
  • You can select most of the excluded files for back up by right-clicking on them and selecting Carbonite; Back this up.
  • Users running Carbonite Personal Plus or Carbonite Personal Prime can manually add an external hard drive to their backup.




How to Back Up Excluded Files

There are two ways that you can back upTo send a copy of your files from your computer to our servers for safe keeping. excluded files. One way lets you back up single files that are excluded, and the other lets you back up that specific type of file (e.g. .avi, .jpg, .doc are specific types of files). Some files are excluded because they are too large and can potentially and significantly extend the time it takes to complete their back up. Other files are excluded from your backup as they can be potentially harmful if restored to a new system.

Note: System and temporary files cannot be included in your Carbonite backup for your protection.



Backing Up an Excluded File with the Carbonite Menu

If you are unsure if a file is included in the backupA set of copies of your files on our servers. by default, navigate to the file you would like to check and use the Carbonite menu to see if it is selected.



Right-click a file that is not selected for back up and select Carbonite. The gray text will give you information about the status of the file.

File Type Excluded By Default



If a file is excluded by default, you can right-click on it and select Carbonite; Back this up. If you do not see a Carbonite option, you will be unable to select the file for back up.



Backing Up Excluded File Types with the File Properties Window

If you use the Carbonite tab within the File Properties window, you can select a type of file to be included in your backup (e.g. if you select an .avi video file to be included, any .avi files in a folder already selected for back up will be included in your backup set).



First, right-click on a file of that type and select Carbonite; Properties. You will see the File Properties window displayed to the Carbonite tab.

Right-click the File and select Carbonite; Properties



Within the Carbonite tab, under the Details panel, you will be able to select that file type for back up.



Place a checkmark next to Back up files of this type (within folders selected for back up) and click Apply.

File Properties Window: Carbonite tab



This will add all files of that type to your backup if they are in a folder that is already selected for back up. If there is already a checkmark, you do not need to do anything as those files will be backed up. If the files are in a folder not selected for back up, right-click the folder and select Carbonite; Back this up.

Note: If you cannot place a check in the box, Carbonite is unable to back up files of that type.

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