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Retention of Deleted Files

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  • Carbonite keeps your files on our servers for 30 days after they are removed from your computer. This gives you an opportunity to restore any files that may have been deleted.




About Carbonite's Retention of Deleted Files

We currently keep files for up to 30 days after they are deleted or otherwise removed from your computer. After that, we will remove any files from our servers that are no longer on your computer. For example, if you delete a file on December 1st, you have up until December 30th before that file will be permanently removed from the Carbonite servers.

Note: If you have a Carbonite product that supports external hard drives, unplugging the external hard drive would be considered the same as deleting the files from your computer and the 30 day counter would start.

If you want us to remove a file from our servers sooner, you can easily do so. First, locate the file(s) on your computer. Once located, right-click the file and select Carbonite; Don't back this up (if you are using a Mac, click here to find out how to remove files from Carbonite). After the file has been deselected, it will be removed from our servers within 72 hours. You can always select it again during or after the 72 hour period.

You will have up to 30 days to restoreTo download files from Carbonite’s servers to your computer. a file after it has been deleted from your computer (if you are on a free trial, you will have 15 days after the trial expires). To restore a recently deleted file please use one of links below:

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