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Starting Your Backup Over

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  • Starting your backup over can be done simply by removing all of the files from your Carbonite Backup Drive and then selecting the locations you wish to include. Any file not reselected for back up will be removed from our servers within 72 hours.




How to Start your Backup Over

The easiest way to start your backupA set of copies of your files on our servers. over from the beginning is to first deselect your files through the Carbonite Backup Drive, and then select any locations you wish to include in your backup set.

You can open the Carbonite Backup Drive through the Carbonite InfoCenter.



Double-click the Carbonite lock icon in your Windows notification area to open the Carbonite InfoCenter.

Lock Icon

Note: If you do not see the lock, click the show hidden icons button ( < ) next to your Windows notification area to view hidden icons. In Windows 7, click the Show hidden icons button ( ^ ) next to your Windows notification area, to see the Carbonite lock. If you are running Windows 8 and are not viewing the desktop, please press the Windows Key + D on your keyboard to view the desktop.



Within the Carbonite InfoCenter, click Restore to view the restore options and click Browse your backup to open the Carbonite Backup Drive.

Restore Tab



You will see the Carbonite Backup Drive window displayed. This window shows you all of the files in your backup, organized just as they are on your computer.

You will see a list of top-level drives and folders that contain files and/or folders that have been selected for back up. To see the individual files, you must navigate into the folders by double-clicking on them.



Right-click the C:\ icon and select Do not back up from the menu (if there is more than one drive selected for back up, you can repeat this process with each drive).

Right-click the C drive



You will receive a dialog box to confirm your decision to remove these files from your backup.



Clicking Yes will remove the files from our servers within 72 hours. Clicking No will keep the files selected for back up.

Confirm option



After your files have been deselected (removed from the backup), you can go through your system and select any files you wish to add to your backup.



To add any file or folder to your backup, navigate to their location on your machine, right-click the file/folder, and select Carbonite; Back this up.

Adding files/folders

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