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Buying Carbonite as a Gift

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  • You can purchase a Carbonite Personal subscription for friends and family and they will receive an email with instructions on how to apply the purchase.




How to Buy Carbonite as a Gift

Carbonite lets you purchase a Carbonite Personal subscription for another person through your account. This is useful for family members who do not have access to a credit card, college students, presents, and many other things. After you purchase Carbonite as a gift, your recipient will receive an email which will lead them through the process of installing and/or applying the subscription that was purchased.

If a gift subscription is not used within six months of being purchased, it will begin counting down days until subscription. For example, if you buy a one year subscription and it is not used for seven months after it was purchased, when it gets applied it will have 11 months of time remaining until expiration.

To access the Carbonite gift page, please log into your Carbonite account at Once logged into your account please access the Carbonite gift page at



You will see the available Carbonite Personal plans displayed along with several fields. Please type the appropriate information into the fields provided, select your Carbonite Personal plan of choice, and click Next to continue with the purchase.

Select a Carbonite Plan



Enter your payment information into the fields provided and click Next to review your order.

Enter Your Billing Information



Your order information will be displayed here. You can edit any of the selections you have made. Click Place Order to purchase the Carbonite subscription.

Place the Carbonite Order



A confirmation of your order will be displayed next, indicating when the selected individual will receive the email with instructions on how to use their Carbonite gift.

Place the Carbonite Order

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