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Setting up Carbonite Mobile on Your Android Device

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  • Carbonite Mobile for Android lets you access your backed up data, back up photos and videos from an Android device, and protect your Android device from being misplaced or stolen.
  • Before you can use Carbonite Mobile, you must first set it up and associate it with your Carbonite account.


If you have a Carbonite Pro account, you will only be able to use the Access feature to view your backed up files with your Carbonite Pro account.



How to Setup Carbonite Mobile

Carbonite Mobile on your Android device gives you access to a multitude of features in order to better protect your Android device. These features are useful if you would like to easily back up photos and videos from your Android device, download and share backed up files, and protect your Android device from being misplaced or stolen.

The easiest method to install Carbonite Mobile on your Android device is through the Google Play Store.



On your Android device, tap the Play Store app to open the Google Play Store.

Open the Play Store



Within the Google Play Store, tap the Magnifying Glass to open the Search page. Within the search field, type Carbonite and select Carbonite Mobile from the list.

Search Page



Tap Install and follow the on-screen instructions to download and install Carbonite Mobile.



Once installed, tap the Carbonite icon within your list of apps. With Carbonite Mobile open on your mobile device, tap Log in and log in with your Carbonite username and password.

Log into your account

Note: If you do not already have a Carbonite account, please tap Create a new account and fill out the required fields to create a Carbonite account.



After you have initially logged into your account, you will see a screen with two options displayed.

Tapping on either Device protection or Photo & video backup will let you take a tour of that specific feature. You can tap one of the checkboxes to mark or unmark a specific feature and click OK to register your Android device.

Note: If you are using Carbonite Mobile with your Carbonite Pro account, you will be shown a list of your computers and will be able to access your backed up files. Carbonite Pro users will only have access to the Access feature of Carbonite Mobile.

List of features

  • Access - Included in Carbonite Mobile is the Access feature. This feature lets you view, download, and share your files backed up with Carbonite and Carbonite Mobile from your Android device.
  • Protect - This group of features is known as Device Protection and it lets you locate a lost or stolen Android device by GPS, ring your Android device to locate it by sound (even if it is set to silent or vibrate), lock your phone with a passcode for added security, and wipe your phone back to the factory default settings remotely from your Carbonite account.
  • Back up - This feature is known as Photo & Video back up and it lets you back up the photos and videos from your Android device to the Carbonite servers. By default, Carbonite Mobile only backs up your files when you have a Wi-Fi connection. This option can be changed through the settings at any time.

Note: If you choose not to enable either Device protection or Photo & video backup, you can always enable them through the Settings screen within Carbonite Mobile.



If you elected not to enable either feature, you will be taken directly to your account and be able to access your backed up Carbonite files. However, if you selected both features or just the Device Protection feature, you will go through a process of enabling Device Protection.



A screen will be displayed indicating whether to enable Device protection or not. Click Enable protection to protect your Android device with Carbonite Mobile.

Enable protection



Before it can be enabled, the permissions must be granted. Please review the permissions and tap Activate on the permissions screen.

Activate Device Protect



Device protection will now be enabled on your Android device and you will be shown a status of the features which you selected to be included.

If you are not connected to a wireless network, Carbonite Mobile will not back up your photos and videos. You can begin backing up your photos and videos by connecting to a wireless network or allowing Carbonite Mobile to back up your files using your cellular data network with the option provided.

Setup Complete

Note: Data fees may apply if you back up your photos and videos through your cellular data network. It is recommended that you back up your photos and videos while connected to a wireless network.



Setting Up Carbonite Mobile for Android


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